Data Analytics


We help you gain insights and industry knowledge with data analytics to take advantage of business opportunities.


Data Marketing Services

Get reliable and accurate data and information about your clients, associates, and competitors with marketing data and custom list building services from Hawkify.

Having an in-depth understanding of your market is critical to business success. With our expertise in data marketing services, we help you convert your customer data into productive marketing campaigns.

With Hawkify, improve the effectiveness of your campaign, target the right audience, and make the most of your marketing dollars.

– Web Analytics

– Google Analytics

– Facebook Analytics

– Youtube Analytics

– Custom List Building

– Data Enrichment

– Web Research

– Personalized Email Campaigns

– Email Copy

– Email Validation

– Email Campaign Analysis

– List Management

– Lead Qualification

– Contact Discovery

– Account Profiling

– Event Data Management

– Lead Qualification

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Data Intelligence Services

Corresponding to the rising need for delivery of accurate, reliable and well-timed data and information by business owners and analysts. Hawkify provides a wide range of data intelligence services custom-made to your project’s needs, ensuring the accessibility of business-critical information. 


With our business and data intelligence services, we can help you gain insight into your customer behavior, recognize common data patterns, and eventually organize it in a manner that lets you to easily target your segmented markets.

– Market Analysis

– Industry Analysis

– Competitor Analysis

– Customer Analysis

– Tracking Sales Leads

– Address Management

– Data Normalisation

– Data Cleansing

– Data Migration

– Data Audit

– Profiling & Segmentation

– Custom Reporting

– Lease Abstraction

– Contract Abstraction

– Data Entry

– On-going Research

– eCommerce Support

– Data Capture

– Data Processing

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