Hawkify Solutions

We collect aerial data on construction sites to help you win bids, track progress, and do it again. 


We utilize a fleet of the best unmanned aircraft technologies  in the industry to capture the best data on construction sites. With this data we have helped organizations facilitate the completion of projects on time, under budget, and without claims.

Aerial Imagery and Videography

We  have learned how to capture the best aerial imagery and videography with strategic flight planning. These visual data points fuel developers and management decision making abilities. 

Aerial Video Streaming

Hawkify can live streams every flight operation. Allowing owners and leadership teams get real time access to track construction progress and quality. Putting an eye in the sky. 

UAS Training

We’re a team of top performing UAS pilots with AUVSI training.  We have the necessary FAA requirement and permits to operate any operation needed. Our meticulously focus on safety, flight operations, and data analytics makes our drone programs a leading service provider in the industry.